Garage Door Spring Repair for Overland Park, KS

One garage door repair we want you to know more about is broken spring replacement. One day you may need to replace the spring(s) on your garage door. A broken spring can quickly turn a garage door into dead weight causing problems with garage access, security issues and is basically a big headache.

Springs provide the force for your door to go up and down and they also keep your door straight in the opening. There are two types of springs. The most common is called Torsion spring and the other is Extension spring.

When a spring breaks many people hear a loud bang causing them to investigate the startling sound. It can sound like a gun shot, a window breaking or like something large fell. When you investigate what happened, look up at your spring(s) to see if one is broken.

Signs that you may have a broken garage door spring

  • The door may rise a few inches then come to a complete stop.
  • The door becomes very heavy to lift
  • You hear a loud sound in the garage
  • Your door is crooked in the opening
  • There is a gap in the middle of your spring
  • The garage door jerks as it opens and closes
  • You notice a bend in the top of the door as it opens
  • The door opens and closes much slower than usual
  • Loose cables can be a sign that your springs are ready for replacement

Garage Door Spring Repair - Types of Springs

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are located inside the garage above the garage door. The torsion spring is a large metal spiral that runs along a metal shaft and can be seen when the door is down. Garage door springs come in different sizes. The size of the spring(s) you will need is dependent on the weight of the garage door with all the components installed. Torsion springs are also rated by life cycles. A life cycle is one open and close of the garage door. Most residential torsion springs are rated 10,000, 20,000 or 30,000 life cycles. Some doors only need one spring, others work best with two springs.

There is no set number of years a spring will last. It all depends on the number of cycles that are used or basically how often you raise and lower the door. Unless you know when both springs were installed then it is impossible to determine how many cycles each spring has used. Even when installed at the same time one spring can sometimes outlast another spring by months even years. A torsion spring system can work just fine with one new spring and one old spring. That said, it is still recommended to replace both springs at the same time saving service and labor fees later if the other spring decides to break soon after. Moores Doors uses long life springs and with Moores Doors, if you have both springs replaced at the same time, you will only pay for the second spring with no extra service or labor charge so it can be a real savings.

Garage in Overland Park, KS, after garage door spring replacement

Extension springs, often referred to as stretch springs, are the earlier spring system found primarily in older homes.

The springs on your garage door are extension springs if they are mounted on each side of the garage door above the tracks and attach to the track supports at one end and to the tracks at the other end via the cables.

When replacing extension springs, it is recommended that both springs be replaced and matched because the older, unbroken spring will have lost some of its tension from years of use. Replacing both springs helps to balance the door so that it opens smoothly with equal force being applied to each side of the door.

Extension spring systems can be a challenge to balance, especially if only one spring is replaced. These springs stretch as the garage door is closed and loosen as the garage door opens. In most instances there is a second cable on each side that attaches to the track then runs through the center of the extension spring and then attaches to the track support brackets. These cables are safety cables to keep the spring from flying apart and damaging property or hurting people or animals if the spring breaks. Without these safety cables, if the spring breaks, it can cause damage and or injury.

Changing garage door springs should absolutely be left to a professional with the knowledge of how to install them correctly and safely. We do not recommend that a homeowner ever attempt to replace torsion springs themselves, as this can result in major damage to your garage, and or serious bodily injury, even death.

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We use only the highest quality, long life springs to replace your broken or damaged ones so your garage door will be functional and safe. And with our affordable prices, you can treat yourself to a budget-friendly and quality customer service.

For repair or replacement of any part of your garage door system in Overland Park, KS or surrounding area, you can be sure Moores Doors will get the job done right and to your satisfaction. Contact us today!